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The  sequel to 'Circles in the Sand' has been started and I hope that it will get the reviews that 'Circles' received. I depend on you all to keep reading and promoting the book if you liked it as it will help our furry friends large and small in shelters especially in Ireland.


'Circles in the Sand' was reviewed by the renowned book reviewer, Kellie Chambers, in the famed 'Ulster Tatler' in the February 2013 edition.

'Circles in the Sand' is a powerful novel, which is full of emotional highs and lows, touching on themes of birth, death and everything in between. As the novel follows the journey of the English Shepherd, the reader encounters a range of wonderfully crafted characters. Crofton is a natural storyteller, who excels at constructing a truly absorbing novel which captivates from start to finish.


A wonderful, emotional story. Simple and honest, written from the heart. A novel suitable for every age group. Kathryn's love and understanding of animals and of the humans whose lives they better, is evident from start to finish of this touching tale. I shared in the emotional highs and lows of the characters, loved every page and didn't want the story to end. Kathryn, we look forward to the sequel.' Circles in the Sand' would make a very successful film. Frankie, 'Marie', Dublin, Ireland ( - see comments)

I met you at the IRR (Irish Retriever Rescue UK) show in Bath. I had Daisy, Charlie and Blarney and I stayed in Ireland in May with Sandie and Sandie brought me the book. As I said to you I really enjoyed it, then my husband read it, and he couldn’t put it down either. I gather the book was fiction at the beginning !!! and the end bit was you I could not understand how you knew so much about Ragsy as he was called in the end. Maggie, England 

A fantastic read which really captured my heart. As a dog lover I really connected with the story and fell in love with Ragsy,  a tri-coloured English Shepherd who in the story becomes part of two very different families' lives. His adventures took me on an emotional rollercoaster as I could really relate to a huge part of the highs however also found myself connecting to the sadness and joy the characters experience throughout. This is a page turner and and will surely tug at your heartstrings. I sobbed and laughed out loud while reading this book and I highly recommend everyone give it go.
Linda, Dublin, Ireland. 

Most enjoyable read, the pages turned themselves. Kathryn - looking forward to your next novel. You will be pleased to hear our 11 month old King Charles would also appear to have enjoyed it as she took a full inch off the top right hand corner! Continued success to you. Maude, Dublin, Ireland

The cover of 'Circles in the Sand - A Dog's Tale' attracted me initially and was curious to find out what the novel was like. I read a few pages and found that I couldn't put it down. My friend lent me her copy with the promise I would return it to her! I laughed, cried and grieved with the characters. The intensity of emotion I felt was overwhelming at times. The characters were real, you cared about them and their problems. I felt a real connection with the characters and  I really worried about people I had never met. Without realising it you are carefully drawn into the lives of these individuals until you cannot physically put the book down as you want to find out what happens next. Animals pay a pivotal role in the book, but it isn't the only role. It is a journey of life and the problems people face and overcome. I can't wait to read the next novel. There is something in it for everyone. Agnes, Dublin, Ireland

'Circles in the Sand - A Dog's Tale' is a lovely story in which the goodness of people and their animal friends shine through the ordinary struggles of life. Finola, Dublin, Ireland

A great read, it made me laugh and cry.  It would appeal to everyone - young or old, male or female alike and I cannot wait for the sequel. Sandie, Co. Dublin, Ireland

I read it in a few days and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's an easy read but also one that touches you. It helps if you are an animal lover which I am. There's much more to the story than animals. I recommend it and hope you enjoy it too. Kathleen, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

A beautiful read for all ages and the whole family. It is authentic, almost homely and poignent. It is a celebration of  both a sense of place and achievement. I would highly recommend this book and rate it as one of the best books that I have read in recent years due to its timeless appeal and how it encapsulates you into the joys and dissapointments of life. The book goes "full circle" as it were and really has made 2011 for me. Wayne, Wicklow, Ireland

As the title suggests, it was very hard to resist. I had intended taking it on holiday with me to read but my curiousity got the better of me and once I started I couldn't stop. While getting to the dog in question and his ordeal took some time it was a worthwhile read. Anne's story made up for the delay in getting to Ragsy's misadventures post the fishing trip which is why I can hardly wait for the next book, if there is one, telling if Anne ever sees her dog again. Who knows? Maybe Anne and Karen might meet up. This story practically demands a sequel as Karen's time with the dog may reveal further adventures with Ragsy and possibly the other pets mentioned prior to the start of the story.                  
John, Dublin, Ireland


Many thanks for your positive comments. 'Bob' is 'Ragsy'. Names of dogs change according to the circumstances I suppose. "It was no concern to him as to whether he was Bob or Ragsy. The name mattered little as long as it was accompanied by plenty of tender loving care" (page 160) Keep the comments coming good or bad all will be published. Kathryn


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