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Circles in the Sand ~ A Dog's Tale ~

Inspired by a true story, Circles in the Sand is set in the stunning backdrop of the lush, green fields of County Meath, a stark contrast to 1980s grey urban Dublin. 

The Myers family endures harsh times, but their faith sees them through. They struggle to keep their family together despite constant upheavals. Daughter Anne attends Trinity College and embarks on a thrilling adventure beyond her wildest dreams, from the romantic lights of Paris to the brilliant beaches of Brittany. T
hese twists and turns mould her into a complex person.  

The Murray household of Dublin are financially well off, but the threads holding the family together are a delicate weave.  As daughter Karen endeavours to be independent, she causes immense conflict. Her need for acceptance brings a lesson she finds both difficult and daunting ~ ultimately leading to understanding and forgiveness. 

A tri-colour English Shepherd delves into the lives of both these families as they try to overcome their internal and external conflicts, experiencing the joys and sorrows of a lifetime. He wrestles with his own demons:  kindness turns to cruelty and trust to abandonment. The challenge of learning to trust again seems insurmountable. Birth, death, and everything in between are fragile cycles in time  ~  as told in Circles in the Sand

The front cover is a photograph of my beloved dog 'Ragsy' who has sadly gone to that better place for which we all yearn.






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