Please come and support these worthy charities who depend on public donations. All selling of emblems are done by unpaid volunteers, knowing that their contribution is helping to save lives.


Every weekend until Christmas 2012 we collected for:
Irish Retriever Rescue UK at the Frascati Centre, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
and for 
ASH Animal Welfare at the top of Grafton Street, Dubln 2

Saturday, 25th August 2012
Frascati Centre, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
Fundraising for Irish Retriever Rescue UK with some of my volunteering friends and two of my four gorgeous Golden Retrievers, Laurel and Hardy. Charlie Chaplin and Angel will keep each other company at home. Laurel and Hardy have the honour to be among some of the fundraising dogs for Irish Retriever Rescue UK. Irish Retriever Rescue UK are determined to reduce the amount of abuse in Ireland for dogs but especially, Golden Retrievers. 'Goldens' as they are affectionately called are known for their intelligent, trusting and loving personalities. They are very social and give love unconditionally. As an owner of four beautiful 'Goldens' I feel especially atune to their needs. Please come and support us in our efforts to make the life of these majestic dogs better. 

Saturday, 4th August 2012
Grafton Street, Dublin
Fundraising for A.S.H. Animal Rescue in Glen of Imaal, in the heart of Wicklow.  This fantastic organisation rescues an array of animals from ducklings, foxes, dogs, and cats, to donkeys and pigs. Please come and support us as we try to raise a few bob for this wonderful charity who work on a shoe-string budget and stretch every penny.  Show you care by helping this wonderful charity which holds a strictly 'NO KILL POLICY' endeavouring to help as many animals as they can who come into their shelter.Meet my wonderful 'Goldens' who can't wait to shake a paw and introduce themselves. Show you care by being there.



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