Helping Animals

As an animal lover, I am dismayed that animal cruelty is on the rise, and I'm determined to do something about it.

Have you ever thought, 'I'd love to help, but what can I do? I'm only one person.'

One ripple can cause a sensational effect. It only takes one person to start a wave among others who feel alone in this effort and are passionate about animals.

There are many different societies and associations clamouring for help. Their focus may be dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, or even dolphins. Yet they all have one unifying objective ~ to help animals. They do their best to give each animal a chance for a life with someone to love and care for them.

You can help in any number of ways: cake sales, karaoke competitions, photo competitions, races, painting competitions, giving a private dinner, discos, parties, pantos, choirs, plays or car boot sales. The list is endless, bound only by your imagination.

An easy way to help is to ask friends and family to donate to your charity in lieu of a gift. Rather than get another tea cosy or stripy jumper for your birthday, you can ask Aunt Martha or Uncle Wilf to donate to the shelter of your choice.

Or donate your special talent. Perhaps you are a plumber, electrician, or carpenter and can help with specific building needs. You could donate time to the facility to help with feeding and caring for the animals. For example, you can walk a dog, taking it out of a stressful environment. You get the benefit of a four legged friend without the responsibility of it. You can adopt a pet or help a dog or cat to get its forever home.

Most importantly, take responsibility if you know of an animal being abused. Report it anonymously if you wish. Realise, an animal can't tell what's happened, but you can. You will make the biggest difference ever  ~  stopping the hurt and helping him or her get a better home. Together we can help, remember, strangers are friends who have never met, and animals, especially, dogs, are 'man's best friend.' 

Animals all over the world need help. No matter where you live, it only takes the power of one to start.  You will discover that once you start, you can't stop.  Let's make a start. Today .... is only the beginning ... tomorrow, who knows?

Below are links to various animal charities that need your assistance:

 Ash Animal Rescue                    
 Dogs Trust                               
 Dublin SPCA                             
 Irish Blue Cross                         
 Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind    
 Irish Horse & Welfare Trust      
 Irish Retriever Rescue UK                     
 Irish Society for the 
 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
 PAWS Animal Rescue               
 The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland 
If the above has helped. Please let me know.


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